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About me

Suffering can be transformed. One can try to live one's life without becoming overwhelmed. One must wake up. Find your own way, your own path. And you don't find it outside of yourself, but only within yourself. You have to look with different eyes. Learn to change your point of view. Letting go of fears makes no sense. The possibility of being able to walk a new path. To be able to approach the innermost part of oneself, words are misunderstood.

Surviving a "disaster" family, as I call it, is a real feat.It's hard enough to come out from a normal family healthy, imagine from a "disaster" family.
All of you who have scars, cuts or grooves in you thanks to your parents, raise your hand.
Yes, I know, there are many of us. 
But not everyone is a survivor. Many were just victims and still are today. Victims of themselves, victims of the blame they continue to place on their perpetrators, victims of their own behaviors that make them unhappy but they can't seem to defuse, victims of the unawareness in which they live, not realizing that, if they really wanted to, their lives could be better.
Have you suffered too much? Is no one able to understand you?
Yes, that's right. You have suffered too much, so much so that something within you, at some point in your existence, has broken beyond repair. And I can tell you right now that no matter how hard you try to put the pieces back together, and it can be done, the marks will remain, forever. 

You will never be what you once were, not now, not ever. That lightheartedness that belonged to you will no longer be so clear and evident in your eyes when you look in the mirror.
The pain, which others can only try to understand, is ours alone. No one is able to take it away from us, sometimes they manage to silence it, but it is there, persistent as ice in the poles. It is part of us, it is a filter that no longer allows us to see the world with the same colors.
The question then is: what can I do?

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